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"I've Been Cheated! What Do I Do Now?
[annual Update]"

      Myles M. Mattenson engages in a general civil and trial practice including litigation and transactional services relating to the coin laundry and dry cleaning industries, franchising, business, purchase and sale of real estate, easements, landlord-tenant, partnership, corporate, insurance bad faith, personal injury, and probate legal matters.

      In providing services to the coin laundry and dry cleaning industries, Mr. Mattenson has represented equipment distributors, coin laundry and dry cleaning business owners confronted with landlord-tenant issues, lease negotiations, sale documentation including agreements, escrow instructions, and security instruments, as well as fraud or misrepresentation controversies between buyers and sellers of such businesses.

      Mr. Mattenson serves as an Arbitrator for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. He is also past chair of the Law Office Management Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Mr. Mattenson received his Bachelor of Science degree (Accounting) in 1964 and his Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola University School of Law in 1967.

      Bi-monthly articles by Mr. Mattenson on legal matters of interest to the business community appear in alternate months in The Journal, a leading coin laundry industry publication of the Coin Laundry Association, and Fabricare, a leading dry cleaning industry publication of the International Fabricare Institute. During the period of May 1995 through September 2002, Mr. Mattenson contributed similar articles to New Era Magazine, a coin laundry and dry cleaning industry publication which ceased publication with the September 2002 issue.

      This website contains copies of Mr. Mattenson's New Era Magazine articles which can be retrieved through a subject or chronological index. The website also contains copies of Mr. Mattenson's Journal and Fabricare articles, which can be retrieved through a chronological index.

      In addition to Mr. Mattenson's trial practice, he has successfully prosecuted and defended appeals on behalf of his clients in various areas of the law. Some of these appellate decisions are contained within his website.

             I've Been Cheated!  What Do I Do Now?
                        [Annual Update]

     When you have been wronged or cheated by someone, there is a
number of public agencies available and willing to help!  You may
wish  to  keep this column, which I update annually,  for  future
reference.  If you have been cheated by a retail store or service
provider,  and you have not obtained satisfaction after providing
the opportunity, carefully set forth your complaint in writing to
the  store  or  provider and send copies of your  letter  to  the
appropriate local or state agencies.

     Does your concern pertain to AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR?  Send a copy
of  your  letter  to  the Bureau of Consumer Affairs,  Bureau  of
Automotive  Repair at 10220 Systems Parkway, Suite D, Sacramento,
CA 95827 (916) 255-4200.

     If you believe your MEDICAL DOCTOR has committed malpractice
or  engaged in impropriety, contact the Central Complaint Unit of
the  Medical  Board  of California, 1426 Howe Avenue,  Suite  54,
Sacramento,   CA  95825-3236  (800)  633-2322.   For  information
regarding  a doctor's license or to determine if any disciplinary
actions  or  accusations  have  been  filed,  call  the  Consumer
Information Unit at (916) 263-2382.  If your concern pertains  to
a  DENTIST,  contact  the Board of Dental  Examiners,  1432  Howe
Avenue, Suite 85, Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 263-2300.

     Does  your  problem concern HOME IMPROVEMENTS,  contact  the
Contractor's  State  License Board at  (800)  321-2752,  for  the
appropriate  complaint forms.  The Board agent taking  your  call
will  advise  you of the correct branch office of  the  Board  to
which your complaint form should be directed.

     Complaints pertaining to INSURANCE should be directed to the
California  Department of Insurance Consumer Hotline  (213)  897-
8921, or if outside of Los Angeles, call (800) 927-4357, or write
to  the California Department of Insurance, 300 S. Spring Street,
9th Floor, South Tower, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

     Concerns  pertaining  to a LENDING  OR  FINANCE  COMPANY  or
problem  related  to  FRANCHISES  should  be  directed   to   the
California  Department of Corporations (213) 576-7500,  320  West
Fourth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

     If  your  complaint pertains to a STOCKBROKER,  contact  the
Consumer  Affairs  Department  of  the  Securities  and  Exchange
Commission,  5670  Wilshire Blvd., 11th Floor,  Los  Angeles,  CA
90036  (323) 965-3849.  Complaints with the SEC must be filed  in
duplicate.   You  may  also contact the National  Association  of
Securities  Dealers, 1735 K Street N.W., Washington,  D.C.  20006
(800)  289-9999,  or  at  300 S. Grand Avenue,  Suite  1600,  Los
Angeles,  California 90071 (213) 627-2122.  Complaints  with  the
SEC must be filed in duplicate.
     State law limits the manner in which a COLLECTION AGENCY can
go  about  its  business.  At one time, there was a state  agency
that  supervised the activities of collection agencies;  however,
the agency no longer exists.  An attorney should be contacted  to
assist  in  this  area.  You should be aware, however,  that  the
California  Civil  Code  prohibits a debt collector  from  making
certain  threats,  engaging  in  practices  of  harassment,   and
undertaking certain communication with others regarding  consumer

     Local prosecutorial agencies customarily maintain a CONSUMER
FRAUD  unit  and  can be of great assistance.   Contact  the  Los
Angeles  County  District Attorney's Office, Consumer  Protection
Division,  201  N. Figueroa Street, Suite 1600, Los  Angeles,  CA
90012  (213) 580-3273 or the Los Angeles City Attorney's  Office,
Consumer  Protection Section, 1600 City Hall East,  200  N.  Main
Street,  Los  Angeles,  CA 90012 (213) 485-4515.   The  State  of
California also maintains a consumer fraud unit within the Office
of  Attorney  General,  Public Inquiry  Unit,  P.O.  Box  944255,
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550 (800) 952-5225.

     A  federal agency which frequently addresses CONSUMER  FRAUD
(Fair  Credit)  matters  is the Federal Trade  Commission,  10877
Wilshire  Boulevard, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310)  824-
4300  or (310) 824-4343, or Federal Trade Commission, 901  Market
Street, Suite 570, San Francisco, CA 94103.

     ACCOUNTANTS are subject to the supervision of the  Board  of
Accountancy,  2000  Evergreen Street, Suite 250,  Sacramento,  CA
95815-3832 (916) 263-3680.

     The  conduct  of ATTORNEYS is governed by the State  Bar  of
California,  1149 South Hill Street, 4th Floor, Los  Angeles,  CA
90015-2299 (213) 765-1000 or 180 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA
94105-1639 (415) 538-2000.

     The  California Department of Consumer Affairs  maintains  a
number  of  boards,  committees  and  commissions  governing  the
conduct of providers of goods and services to consumers.  If this
article has not mentioned an agency with which you might want  to
be  in  contact, contact the Consumer Information Center  of  the
Department  of  Consumer  Affairs,  400  R  Street,  Suite  1080,
Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 445-3758 or (800) 952-5210.

[This column is intended to provide general information only  and
is  not intended to provide specific legal advice; if you have  a
specific  question  regarding the  law,  you  should  contact  an
attorney  of your choice.  Suggestions for topics to be discussed
in this column are welcome.]

Reprinted from New Era Magazine
Myles M. Mattenson  2000-2002